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Real Estate Investment Advice

Investing in new or existing properties, in which area? Since 2008 we have been have been assisting and securing our clients' property investments. Would you like to be advised and reassured? Please contact us.

Your project, your needs, our research

Each project is unique simply because your needs are unique.

At SENZO IMMOBILIER, we understand above all who you are, what drives you and the

constraints inherent to your project. Our property searches are therefore carried out not to sell you a property

to sell you a property, but so that you find the property that suits you.

The security of being well advised

Are you about to buy a property? Does it conform? Is the roof, plumbing and electricity in good condition?

electricity in good condition? Is there a risk that a building will be built in the neighbourhood in

in the next few years? Buying a property is a very nice project, but it can be a source of insecurity.

of insecurity. At SENZO IMMOBILIER we check everything for you. As an added bonus, we will

accompany you in all your procedures, whether at the bank or at the notary's office, if you so wish.

notary, if you wish.

Saving time and money

SENZO CONSEIL is the first group to offer a unique brokerage concept in six areas,

related to your real estate project:

  • We study your project and advise you on the most suitable type of investment
  • We find your favourite property
  • We obtain the best bank loan conditions to finance it
  • We negotiate the price of your insurance (home, vehicle, etc.)
  • We manage the rental of your property (if you do not wish to live in it)
  • We find the best savings solutions for you


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